About George

Based in New Jersey, USA

About the Work

US Route 30

This project span this great country from the Atlantic Ocean in Atlantic City, NJ to the Pacific Ocean in Astoria, OR. Traveling the length of US Route 30 with an 8x10 camera making images of what could be seen from the road.

This work was featured in a six page article in Black and White Photography's American Landscape Special Issue in September of 2003.


This series of studio nudes feature the models's torsos. But it's more than that, this brings out the little differences in each model's way they present and carry themselves. Each revieling something about the differences in the model's.


What started out as a warm-up using 4x5 reducing back at the beginning of a shooting session, where I would find shapes I wanted to explore with the 8x10 later in the session. It evolved into exploring shapes within the figure itself, often exiting the image edge on all four sides.

Philadelphia Twins

This project started with a number of walking adventures around Center City Philadelphia. I began to notice that a number of the houses were twins and looked like they started as mirror images of each other. Over the years they began to be rebuilt, upgraded or just changed to match the personality of the owners. Which bringes up the contrasts and differences with the buildings.